Spring & Parts Detangling




We offer several different models of manual spring detanglers (separators). The design and the size of the spring are the most important factors when deciding which model of detangler is best suited for each specific application.

Our line of table top spring detanglers provide efficient tools to eliminate the handling problems associated with the manual assembly of cylindrical and conical springs. Unitech machinery are easy to operate and can work with a variety of spring sizes and shapes without re-tooling, or adding any special fittings. While specifically designed for springs, the machines also work well with numerous other metal and plastic parts, including rings, fasteners, clips, etc. Our machines are built to last and offer variable speed control.



Small handfuls of parts are dropped into the top of each unit, where they are separated and distributed out onto a tray for easy retrieval by the operator

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There are two means of acquiring springs, rings, pins, and other products – either through a manufacturer and distributing company, or by producing the parts on-demand at the company’s mfg facility. Unitech will help manufacturers reduce spring costs by up to 75% by selling its highly effective spring manufacturing machines for use on-site. This on-demand spring manufacturing system will be a cost effective solution compared to overpriced springs purchased off-site and will largely improve the quality and control of springs and related manufactured parts.  

Unitech will sell the following products and service. 

  • Spring detanglers 
  • Automated spring detanglers
  • Manual spring detanglers 
  • Spring coilers
  • Value added centrifugal system


Cut down your costs


By eliminating time-consuming, separating of springs by hand, your company will be able to reduce scrap rates, increase productivity and thereby save money.

The Unitech detanglers run continuously and quietly with an electric motor (or pneumatic input) and can handle many types of springs, including conical, rings, etc. Springs (or parts) are dropped into the top of the detangler where they are separated by vibration or by vertical rotation or by spinning of soft blades inside the device depending on the model and the application

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The best way for Unitech to recommend one of our machines is to test your springs or parts in our devices. Please go to the contact page to learn more