Spring Coiling

Coiling point detail.


Springs that create severe handling problems or cannot be untangled, can be produced "On Demand" at the point of assembly, thus eliminating the feeding problems altogether.

Our PLC/PC Controlled CNC Spring Coilers and Orbit Distribution Systems are used for these applications: They can coil, heat treat, length check/sort and load test/sort springs and deliver them individually or in a batch to one or more assembly points at rates of over 100 ppm in some applications.

For dedicated spring applications with lower feed rates, a C2000 or C3000 Pneumatic Coiler could be a good option.

In-line Spring Coiling

The concept of in-line spring feeding with integrated spring manufacturing offers a cost efficient and flexible way to assemble springs integrating the spring feeding and the spring production in one unit. Our spring winders are developed to meet various demands of output rates, spring designs and tolerances. Our Spring Coilers are primarily designed to serve assembly lines.


Our core business is the easy handling and control of springs on-demand. Our goal is to serve the market with top quality coilers for in-line applications. CNC based spring coilers designed to produce and feed springs to widely separated points on the assembly line.

Springs on demand: Our coilers are able to manufacture and deliver springs on-demand. This means that the required quantity of springs will be delivered to the assembly line at the exact moment they are needed.

CNC means flexibility: There are many advantages with the CNC spring coiler: Unlimited wire feed, the change-over time between different springs can be extremely short, the possibility to get production feedback, one coiler can supply more than one assembly line with springs.

One single coiler can manufacture a wide range of different springs. The operator interface is Windows based; the modular design allows extra equipment to be easily installed, removed or bypassed.

Spring winders in clean rooms

Spring winders in clean rooms