Turks Head



The Turks Head is a metal forming machine. It may be compared to an adjustable draw die but is actually infinitely adjustable within its limiting dimensions. The Turks Head operates on the Rolling Mill principle and imparts the same qualities to the metal as the Rolling Mill does, namely, superior surface finish, accurate size and shape, and improved grain structure of the metal. The Turks Head differs from a Rolling Mill in the number and arrangement of rolls. The Turks Head utilizes two pair of rolls, one pair is arranged vertically and the other pair horizontally. In all types of Turks Heads the rolls are infinitely adjustable.

Each basic type of Turks Head is designed to meet a particular requirement of precision wire or rod shaping. With the exception of power-driven models, all types require a pull-through power source such as a Drawbench, a Bull Block, a double capstan, a shedding drum or a Rolling Mill.

To obtain high production speeds and hold tolerances within acceptable limits, certain basic operating rules must be followed. Proper application of Turks Head equipment cannot be overemphasized. It must be understood the Turks Head is not intended to be substitute for a Rolling Mill. However, certain fundamental rules are applicable to both machines where size control, surface finish, accessories or combination use is concerned.

To those unfamiliar with Turks Head operation the question naturally arises – Why use a Turks Head in place of other drawing methods?

The following are important advantages that the Turks Head offers:

· Permits forming directly from round to square, rectangles and special shapes

· Takes bigger reductions per pass

· Greater flexibility because rolls are infinitely adjustable lower maintenance costs – rolls can be reground

· Maintains uniform tolerances

· The Turks Head rolling principle produces less inherent friction

In both the ferrous and nonferrous metal forming industries, Turks Heads are used as single units and in tandem on common stands for wire and rod shaping. They also used in tandem with Rolling Mills, Bull Blocks and Drawbenches.

Built with extreme accuracy by highly skilled craftsman, ourTurks Heads will form sections to close tolerances when properly used. The unique design and construction of interlocking slides permit infinite adjustment. Within the physical size of each Turks Head, we have engineered the highest possible bearing capacity using precision heavy-duty bearings.

Although surface irregularities cause no particular difficulty, a higher quality entry stock will result in a better finished product. Bad surface defects cannot be eliminated completely, and failure to remove oxides and scale will cause the rolls to wear more rapidly. It is further recommended that lime coatings be removed from wire prior to forming, since it tends to build up on the rolls causing roll separation and consequent tolerance changes as well as bearing overload.

We manufacture a range of precision standard pull through Turks Heads having high bearing capacity at high speed. Our Turks head design and manufacturing techniques ensure that they are able to hold close uniform tolerances on the shaped wire.